Why do we say “…from the outside in?” 

When someone comes to a personal trainer, it’s usually to get in better shape—the outside.  But with On Track Fitness, we work on your entire health.  You will be shown how to make better food choices and how to continue your fitness regimen outside of the studio.

Soon, you will begin feeling better, more energetic, your confidence will grow—the in.

Adding good nutrition and better living habits will ensure a lifetime of feeling great!  Once the body is fit and fed well, the mind will follow.  Confidence, improved self-esteem and overall happiness are the added benefits from a great wellness program. 

About the Trainer

What We Do

Who We Are

Brian Polisano is an ACE Certified Personal Trainer with a passion, not just for fitness, but for wellness.  His work with chiropractic patients with various back ailments and injuries showed him the importance of good posture, alignment and stretching for the human body.  He incorporates his love of martial arts and kick-boxing into his sessions, which brings balance, good posture and an added level of fun to all of the fitness tracks.

Brian is a caring motivator and looks forward to being your wellness coach for life!

In addition, OTF has staff that shares Brian’s passion for wellness and fitness success.

On Track Fitness, LLC

Call now to start your path to wellness: 267.961.8771

We keep you On Track, of course

We service all fitness levels and goals—weight loss, tone and strengthen, muscle building. 

Your initial fitness assessment will identify weak areas, existing injuries and any physical limitations.  We will also look at your lifestyle.  We will discuss your current lifestyle and what hurdles and barriers you think may be holding you back from reaching your goals. 

Fitness goals are then created along with exercises and routines customized just for you.