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FAQ: About Our Award Winning Services

As happy as we are to receive awards and recognition for our services, we think it's important to make it a point that we do not do what we do for those reasons. Let's take this time to answer some frequently asked questions:

What services do you provide?

We provide hyper-personalized personal training, group fitness classes that accommodate all levels, and nutritional counseling that is realistic and manageable.

What sets On Track Fitness apart from the other gyms & trainers?

The personalization, support, and progression we provide. Unlike big-box gyms who give everyone the same cookie-cutter workout, we create workout programs customized to each client. These programs are constantly monitored and updated to follow the client's progress and to keep them moving forward.

Our extensive experience working with a wide-berth of age and fitness ranges allows us to modify our workouts for any client needs. You will feel safer working with us than anywhere else, and definitely more than working alone.

We provide a higher-quality service than any of our competitors by a long shot. That said, we do so at a rate the other's can't touch. We know, it sounds too good to be true. This is not an example of us over-promising, it's an example of what happens when passionate fitness professionals meet intelligent business strategy.

How many sessions a week does the average client do?

Good question. Our typical client does 2-3 personal training sessions a week and 1-2 group fitness classes a week. We think this is fair and manageable. We'd recommend an absolute minimum of exercising 2 x week and an ideal goal of 4 x week. Many of our clients have traded in their gym memberships and replaced it with an extra class a week or something of that sort. Some people go to the gym for years and see little to no progress. Our clients see consistent and manageable progress as long as they stay with us.

How do I get started?

Consultations are free and fast. We just want you to come by and give us (and the gym) the chance to show you around. This is in no way a commitment and we will not try to sell you. We have a great relationship with our clients and don't want to sell, drag, or trick anyone into signing up. We want you to join because you want to improve your life.

Free fitness assessments are also available but optional. If you are interested in the fitness assessment, we would ideally connect it to your consultation. We highly recommend doing the fitness assessment with the consultation because it's the best way to see first-hand what we offer. Plus, if you do end up signing up, we will have to do a fitness assessment anyway so this gets you ahead of the game.

Where are you located?

We are very close to the train station on the Northeast corner of E Glenside Ave and Easton Rd. Click here to see directions.

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