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Your Wellness Professionals


Personal Trainer
Strength & Conditioning | Group Fitness | Geriatrics

Rashaad's passion for weight lifting brought him into the career of a Personal Trainer. Years of experience teaching group fitness and working at a local senior center shaped his skills to align with the On Track Fitness community. While he enjoys the push of a grueling workout, he knows how to modify any given workout to suit the client. His priority is to help clients achieve results in a safe environment. 


Personal Trainer
Kickboxing | Strength & Power | Calisthenics

Working with Paul, you'll notice right away how much fitness means to him. More than anything, he loves Kickboxing. Whether he's practicing, watching, or teaching our clients how to punch and kick after they push and pull, he never gets sick of it. Paul has been with On Track Fitness for years and has seen many clients come through our doors. It's given him the ability to work with clients from all backgrounds with all sorts of needs and still give them a killer workout that makes them happy they came. 

Team: Team


Personal Trainer - Owner
Functional Fitness | Aesthetic | Corporate Wellness

Greg began his fitness career while living in Tokyo where he worked with a variety of international professionals when he wasn’t taking the distinctive culture. His passion for creating a well-rounded life inspires his commitment to pursuing both a body and a life worth bragging about. His unique experience and mellow attitude shape his versatile training style.


Personal Trainer
Female Fitness | Group Fitness | Post-Rehab

Natalia is finishing up her final year at university where she is adding to her pool of fitness and wellness knowledge. After several years of working in a mixture of big-box and independently owned gyms, Natalia is ready to grow with the On Track Fitness team as an eager fitness professional. When you see he around the studio you know your in for a great and safe workout. 

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