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Welcome to On Track Fitness.  We offer programs that meet any of your fitness needs.  Weight loss, strength training, muscle-building are the core of the tracks offered.  We keep you moving!  Active rest is used as part of the training so you never slow down (really) from each exercise or routine.  Get your frustrations out when we use some kickboxing to get your heart rate going.  You won't believe how good you will feel!

Good nutrition is just as important as physical fitness.  We teach you how to keep your insides strong, too.  A new habit takes time to take root in one's self so we work to educate you on making healthy eating choices that will last.  You will learn that food is not the enemy.

We don't make miracles, we offer hope.  You have to invest in YOU!  You will be given a plan on how to make this work when you aren't at the studio.  Exercise plan, eating tips and education are all part of the On Track Fitness package.

We believe in you.  Let us be your coach and motivator in getting you or keeping you On Track!

The On Track Fitness studio is located at
105C East Glenside Avenue, Glenside, PA

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